Rights are our strength

From its inception, Palmigiano Law Firm has been committed, locally and nationally, to the protection and consolidation of consumer rights, both individually and collectively; and the protection of these rights from both the perspective of individuals and also that of businesses.


Searching for the best solution

Palmigiano Law Firm is committed to discussing with its clients all possible solutions, prior to the commencement of any legal action, in particular the use of alternative dispute resolution strategies such as: negotiation prior to the commencement of judicial proceedings, conciliation, arbtration and mediation proceedings.


Our clients' time is precious

Delays and timing in the present judicial system are not always compatible with the economic imperatives of the Firm's clients. Palmigiano Law Firm values its client’s time and is committed to obtain the best result possible in the quickest manner possible.


We wish to avoid conflicts

Palmigiano Law Firm offers its clients broad ranging expertise in the drafting of both traditional and modern, simple and complex contracts so as to avoid possible conflicts.


Cross border legale expertise

Palmigiano Law Firm is able to assist both Italian and foreign citizens and companies in inheritance, real estate, family, commercial and corporate law issues. Its lawyers have diverse and seasoned expertise in cross-border legal issues.



I protect myself

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News & events

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  • 15 February 2013
    Cyberbullying, Identity Theft On Social ...

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  • 13 October 2012
    Lawyers Meet Photography

    Palermo,October 13, 2012, two events were held in the Palazzo Moncada di Paternò (Via Banner 11, Palermo) – the opening of the new headquarters of the Union […]

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